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28 februarie 2008

For the lovers that love

D.’s “fuzzy animal called love” is haunting me. Love is not fuzzy; love is squeaky and makes you shiver. Or, at least, it makes me shiver. I was wondering if it wouldn’t be a great idea to start a collective blog where to write about love (not mushy, but all the stuff you wouldn’t dare to place on the personal blog). Oh, and in English (I don’t speak it well now, but with all this Spanish, I’ll loose it fore sure in some years). Just a thought.

3 comentarii:

monsoux spunea...

Do I wonder why I get so many referrals from your blog? In other news, I was just thinking my world was safer when you were here.

vvritz spunea...

Trice I tried to reply and didn't work. Maybe at night it's calmer (I don't even know who, of course).
So, safer? With me? Nobody, my darling, is safe with me. Do you want to ask J.? Hehehe.
In other words, is that a yes or a no?

monsoux spunea...

I am not talking safe like in accident safe, I am talking safe like in if I feel like dropping by... well, I can't do that, can I?