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13 noiembrie 2012

Go to the theatre, for God's sake!

‘Stop doing that!’; ‘I’m not doing anything!’; ‘Yes, you are. That annoying gesture with your mouth.’; ‘But, but...’

The guy coming towards me on the side walk gave me a strange look. I was talking to myself (again). My only luck is that my language is difficult to understand (I’m Romanian).

I’m basically taking to myself when I see something nice, a building, a picture, a book and there's no one around to share to thought to. I manifest my desire to watch a film, to go to a theatre play or to the opera. Out loud, in my own language.

My normality was never an issue (at least for myself – I’m pretty sure my peers have their own ideas on that, but well...). I went to see ‘Bonkers!’ in confidence, knowing that it is for my type of people.

Guess what? It was! Go see it until it disappears, they play two more representations, next week-end, on the 17th and 18th of November in Barcelona, calle Julia Portet 5 (details here). 
'Bonkers!' by ProjectB at Centro de Arte. Mutuo (Julia Portet 5, Bcn)

Please tell them that their pills worked wonders for me. Look up for Jacobs and his group, they will know what to prescribe to you. Just don’t miss it! ‘You’ve already said that!’; ‘No, I haven’t...’; ‘Yes you did’; ‘Oh, just leave me alone. One of these days, I’m gonna get myself another interior voice, a friendly one’; ‘Shut up, woman!’